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Shoeseeker specializes in comfort footwear including wide width shoes, diabetic shoes and orthopedic shoes. Our customers know us for a great selection from the leading manufacturers including Propet, Toe Warmers, Foot Thrills, Aetrex, Acor, Dr. Martens, Instride and more. We have access to all of the manufacturers products in every size. Some shoes come in sizes up 16EEEE! If you are aware of a shoe made by one of the manufacturers we carry and you do not see it here, call us and we will get it for you.

Finding the right shoe is just part of the selection. Finding the right width is the other. Here at Shoeseeker, we offer a wide array of shoes that come in different widths. From wide work shoes, to walking shoes, to running shoes and to general comfort shoes. We have a wide variety of shoes to help prevent and aid most major foot ailments.

Healthy feet are important to everyone. Having the right shoes is a key aspect of healthy living. People who suffer from Diabetes are no exception. Diabetics suffer from an increased rate of foot problems and the most common complication resulting in hospitalization. By wearing the correct Diabetic shoe, it is possible to avoid foot complications before they start.

Shoeseeker is dedicated to our customers. We strive for the fastest turnaround for your orders and replies to your requests. We appreciate your business and call us to discuss corporate discounts!

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